• The team collectively adds a wealth of knowledge and skills in procurement, administration, engineering, occupational health and safety, quality management, project planning and implementation gained from a number of years of experience in corporate environments.
  • Level 3 BBB EE Accreditation (South African) (100% black owned).
  • 50 years of experience in the various sectors of engineering, construction and project management.
  • Presently supporting corporate clients including, Neotel, Eskom (LDM), Letamik, Group 5, Spar, Blacksteer etc... 



Operational Plan

  •  Become a total facility management company.
  • Ensure continued and effective support to corporate companies.
  • Reduce prolonged lead time.
  • Develop sustainable relationships.
  • Understand the heartbeat of the client and their companies.
  • Add value to commercial operations, securing a brighter future and growth of the corporate industry


Management Plan

  • High priority on knowledge and skills transfer.
  • Provide highest quality of service delivery.
  • Provide highest quality products.
  • Ensure a high motivational platform.
  • Display the highest level of excellence in every aspect.
  • Increase a partnership base in the different streams of the company.
  • Industry focus not to be compromised.
  • Establish a world class organization and facility.
  • Become a highly accredited and recommended company.


Business Key Performance

  • Support Service for clients:
  • Supply the highest quality products.
  • All work completed to meet the clients satisfaction ensuring uncompromised quality, standards and attention to detail.
  • Take ownership and responsibility of all services rendered.
  • Minimize lead times on service delivery. Mentorship program and skills development to the labour force within the different communities. Over the years Tydanis has developed its employees, equipping them with skills and knowledge to improve of the quality and service delivery. This provides its employees with suitable experience to venture out starting their own companies, and being part of Tydanis support structure on major projects.